What the FAQ?

Q. Why was JustConnectUs created?

To bring a positive online tool to real people.

How It Works


To Be Found.

Skill Search is how your community and prospective new clients will find you.

The skills you have entered into your profile are how we make the connection between clients and professionals.


You can join JustConnectUs with no skills posted in your profile and still:
* search JustConnectus Skills-Directory for service providers.
* give referrals when asked by your connections.
* use our Messager App.
* post on the ‘Job Board’.

Skills should cover everything you do well and want your community to know about you, including potential new employers, past clients, peers, or friends.
Don’t limit yourself to just your professional capabilities. Your hobbies, side hustle, passion, volunteerism, and of course your dream job skill, should be included.
Some examples of information you can share about yourself are: caterer, house painter, masseuse, US accountant, as400-programmer, garden volunteer, dog walker, math tutor, jam band drummer, house sitter for the south of France, etc. Have fun filling in your skills!

Yes, you can customize your skills.
When entering your skills, type in the full name of the skill you want to add, and hit enter on your keyboard. This will add your custom skill to your profile temporarily. After our JustConnectUs team verifies it, we will add this skill to the JustConnectUs database of skills.
*JustconnectUs is for real people. Have fun adding your real skills, such as;
“Specialist in organic hemp home construction”
“Retired nurse specializing in Night Shift Caregiver / Jerusalem Hospitals”


  1. Search for the skills you need to get a job done for home life or work purposes.

  2. Look at different profiles and find a service provider that looks good to you.

  3. Use the local option to narrow down the search (if needed).

  4. See what mutual contacts you have with this service provider.

  5. Select a mutual contact, who you trust, respect their opinion, and or has similar values and preferrences as you.

  6. Our massaging window will open. Hit send to use the preloaded request message, or edit the subject line to customize your question about this service provider before sending the message request for a personal and private referral.
    1. All messages on JustConnectUs are between two people. There are no group chats, so you can feel assured that your conversation is private.

    2. Private, personalized, word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to get an honest, in-depth answer about a professional you’re looking to hire.

Yes. If a potential employer/client contacts you on JustConnectUs, you will see all the mutual contacts that you have in common. You can then send any mutual contact a private referral request about your mutual contact at any time.

  • Find out if this employer is easy to work with or not, quickly and privately through JustConnectUs.
  • All messages on JustConnectUs are between two people. There are no group chats, so you can feel assured that your conversation is private.
  • Private, personalized, word-of-mouth referrals are the best way to get an honest, in-depth answer, about someone you’re looking to hire or as a possible new employer.

Shout Out

A Shout Out is a public post on the job board page. 

Shout Outs that matches your skill set are sent directly to you in a push notification, as an App message, and emailed to you.

Two reasons:

  1. If you have an emergency situation and you need a service provider immediately, such as; a pipe burst in your house and you need a plumber to come right away and it is late at night, you don’t have time or need referrals, you just need a plumber now!
  2. You would like to narrow down your search by first receiving resumes from JustConnectUs community members that match your skills posted on the Shout Out Page and then for looking for a referral if necessary.


Skills are necessary so that we can know how to connect contacts on JustConnectUs. Without entering skills no one will see the Shout Out.

Directory skill search is 100% private. No one knows you are searching, no one knows you are looking at their profile, and you decide when to contact a connection for a referral or introduction for the service provider you need.

The Shout Out post is public to all contacts, contact’s contacts and all premium members that are on JustConnectus will receive your Shout Out post, if they have one or all of the skills you have listed in the Shout Out. 

This is where you can find the Shout Outs that have previously been posted and match the skill you have in your profile.

Shout Out Posts include the sender’s contact information, the title of the job search, skills needed, and up to 1000 characters to explain the job and directions on how to contact the sender.


It allows you to see who is already a member of JustConnectUs and the option of becoming friends with them on JustConnectUs or not, through the Contacts Page on the site.

Importing your contacts will make inviting clients, peers, family, and friends from work or private life, simple and fast on the Contacts Page.


JustConnectUs is different from all other networking sites, job boards, and social media platforms in several important ways:

No paid ads – when searching our directory of skilled professionals, the order of search results on the page comes from the number of mutual contacts the searcher and service provider have in common, not those who paid more to be listed on top.

* The more mutual connections, the higher up you will be listed on the search results page.

* Large companies cannot come in and buy up advertisement space or top listings creating an uneven playing field for the local small businesses.

* Fewer distractions from ads means staying focused and getting your work done faster. 

* No accidental viewing of inappropriate ads.

We are private where it counts – for the searcher and the service providers.

* No one sees your searches or search results but YOU.

* You can keep your privacy intact while searching for a sensitive topic like an oncologist, divorce lawyer or even a house sitter. No one wants to tell the whole world that they are going out of town and their house will be empty.

*No cold calls and no seeing advertisements for what you have searched for in our directory, your search history is private on JustConnectUs.

*You can view someone’s profile without them knowing it, and without making yourself a target for advertisements.

No Group Chats

* No group chats means no gossip. 

* Keeping gossip out of the community is beneficial. For example, where we live, the question of a good plumber recommendation comes up all the time in our community chat group, but we have three plumbers in our village and when one is recommended, how do the other ones feel? What is it like when you meet up with one of the other plumbers at your kids’ school play? Awkward?

No lashon hara – which means no inappropriate public speech. 

No gimmicks to keep you on the site – we do not profit from your wasted time. We provide a service that is meant to be used quickly, not as an entertainment product disguised as a tool.

* JustConnectUs has No News Feed to steal your focus.

* With no News Feed, JustConnectUs does not ask you to produce free content in order to be seen on the site.

* We value both your time and ours. JustConnectUs is designed to be a tool to build a more efficient modern life. The faster and more efficiently we get our jobs done, the more time we have to enjoy life. 

No data collection – JustConnectUs will not advertise to you based on your searches, nor will we ever sell your data to third-party off-site companies. This is our promise to our members and users. 

We are here to build stronger communities one connection at a time 

*JustConnectUs is a way for ordinary people to get referrals for services they need on a regular basis and a way for service providers to build a trusted, durable, and reliable customer base via the old-fashioned way of word of mouth referrals.

A site for real communities

* The listed order of your search results is ranked by the number of mutual contacts you have with the skilled professional you searched for in the JustConnectUs directory. In this way, JustConnectUs is always working for your personal community.

*JustConnectUs works for your community, not for social media companies or marketing agencies.

*You’ve heard of buying local, right? Well, how about hiring local!

A site for real people – JustConnectUs is about normal day-to-day life, not about moving up the professional food chain.

*It is not necessary to have a hyper-focused resume to make JustConnectUs work for you. Any skill you care to share with your community – from dog walking to house painting, a real estate lawyer to a math tutor, tour guiding to being a local Beit Knesset volunteer – JustConnectUs is a place to let potential clients know what you have to offer.

*Under skills in your profile setup, please post skills that match the whole YOU; the types of skills you can post under skills in your profile are:

  • professional skills
  • hobbies
  • where and how you’ve volunteered 
  • dream job skills
  • skills that pay the bills
  • side hustle skills

*Do you volunteer as an English tutor and make a living as a content writer? Do you love tour guiding but also need to make a living as an accountant? We want you to feel comfortable with posting your entire skill set.

A tool is something we decide when to pick up for a certain job and when to put down. A tool should not follow an individual around all day  like our standard Internet platforms of today do.

The internet should be like any tool we use. That means we use it when we need it and put it down when we’re done.

JustConnectUs is against – 

  • manipulating people to spend more time online than they need to
  • demanding constant content to use an online platform
  • turning people into products to be delivered to advertisers

The internet exists to serve us, not the other way around.

*JustConnectus promises to never sell your information to third-party offsite users, or collect your data in order to advertise directly to you.


  • A directory skill search for your next service provider or tradesperson is free.
  • Joining the JustConnectUs directory is free.
  • Making a public profile page is free.
  • Giving referrals is free.
  • Using our Messenger App is free.
  • Using JustconnectUs as your personalized phone/directory is free.
  • Being found in a skills search as a provider membership is free for the first six months, then it becomes $20/year. With no paid ads on JustConnectUs, $20/year gives you equal visibility with all of the other Provider Members.

* There is a Premium Provider membership option at $100/year. This allows you to be notified when Shout-Outs are posted.


The team at JustConnectUs has been working in IT and Online for over 26 years. We recognize how the trend to keep us all online longer and longer, to delivering our online presence to advertisers or data mining our online movement, is becoming overwhelming.

There has to be an option to get our work done fast, focused, and privately online, or our increasingly busy modern lives will become overbearing, overwhelming, and not aligned with the promise modern technology had made to improve our lives with the invention of accessible modern technology.

Why does JustConnectUs want to keep you from wasting time? Because Just ConnectUs is designed to provide a community upgrade. We hope you agree!

We work hard to do one thing only; to streamline word-of-mouth connections

No News Feed to distract you from the job at hand

No ads cluttering up the screen

No group chats


You are in control

  • You choose who to contact for referrals.
  • No need to fish through tons of off-topic responses to a question from people you don’t know.
  • If you are a homeowner searching for a plumber, for exmple, you can choose to only ask for referrals from other homeowners like yourself. This small difference in choice can help focus the referral response, saving time, energy and frustration.

Privacy where it matters – JustConnectUs is dedicated to keeping your searches private, so there are no unsolicited cold calls from sales reps knocking at your door (ok, messaging you), and no advertisements sent to your inbox. Maintaning your privacy will help you stay focused, save time and cut nuisances.

Customized Skill Sets – on Justconnectus all service providers/tradespeople can customize their skills and locations. They can fine-tune exactly what expertise they have, helping potential clients narrow down the search before even asking for a referral.

  • Customized skills like; “Plumbing expert for pre-1940’s infrastructures”, “stone homes in the Old City of Ztfat“, etc. will help narrow down the search for residents of these types of homes.

Customized location, the ‘local button’ for skill searches helps focus the search results

No News Feed to distract you from the job at hand

No ads cluttering up the screen

No group chats



All messages are between two people only, no group chats. When you are talking to your contact for word-of-mouth referrals, the service provider will not see that chat.

We use your information to make connections seamlessly – we connect you to friends already connected to JustConnectUs, relevant contacts and job leads based on your skills and location.

When a potential client searches in our Directory or sends out a Job Board Post with a skill you have listed in your profile, we make the connection.

With the combination of your information and our web tool, we can facilitate positive job leads at a fraction of the time and cost that most service providers or clients are spending in today’s market to find their next client or next employee.


To invite contacts you must send an invitation from your contacts page. JustConnectUs does not invite friends for you.


We will not sell or transfer any information or searches you made on JustConnectUs to 3rd parties.

JustConnectUs will not use your information to track your possible shopping needs.

Once you leave the JustConnectUs platform, we will not follow you around for Internet collection data.

When a possible new client contacts you about a job.

When a friend sends you a request for a referral.

When a friend sends a request to become your contact on JustConnectUs.

When someone replies to your job posts.

When someone posts a job that matches your skills.

FREE Lifetime membership when you sign up before the launch.

(New app launch is coming Winter 5783)

After the app launch.

JustConnectUs directory will always be free to use.
Service provider membership is free for 6 months and then $20 a year to be listed.