How It Works


The more info you provide the better the chances you'll have to connect with the right people. Your skills and geographic location are the two most important items for appearing in search results.


Find old contacts, accept requests, see who recently joined, and of course invite your friends and colleagues.


See how easy it is to find the services you need. Search for the skill(s) you need, see your network focussed on who is relevant, and ask for a referral.

Post Job

Enter a job title, description, and the skill(s) your project requires. Everyone relevant in you network will immediately get a notice that you are looking for their skills.

A great tool for business's large and small looking to fill a full time or contract position.

Perfect for emergencies or any time you want to make a public broadcast to your network.


Job opportunities tailored just for you. Displays all of the Job Posts with your skills. You ask your contact for a personal referral.


Your personal business directory. Private messaging. Respond to referral inquiries.