What the FAQ?

General Questions

Q. What is the “Tool Based Revolution”?

We think the internet should be like any tool we use. That means we use it when we need it, and put it down when we're done. We're against manipulating people to spend more time online than they want to, and we're against turning people into products to be delivered to advertisers. The internet exists to serve us, not the other way around.

Q. What makes JustConnectUs unique?

JustConnectUs is different from all other networking, job board, and social media services in several important ways:

We are private - no one else sees your searches and you can find someone to hire without messaging your whole community. You can view someone's profile without them knowing it, and without making yourself a target for advertisement.

No gimmicks to keep you on site - we do not profit from your wasted time. We provide a service that is meant to be used quickly, not an entertainment product disguised as a tool. We value your time.

There are no ads or data collection - JustConnectUs will not advertise to you based on your searches, nor will we ever market your data to a third party.

Not just for job seekers - JustConnectUs is about normal day-to-day life, not about moving up the professional food chain. JustConnectUs is a way for ordinary people to get referrals for services they need on a regular basis, and a way for service providers to build a trusted and reliable customer base.

A site for the whole person - JustConnectUs is not just about your professional persona. You don't have to have a hyper-focused resume to make JustConnectUs work for you. Any skill you care to share with your community - from dog walking to math tutoring, from tour guiding to security services - JustConnectUs is a place to let people know what you have to offer.

Q. If JustConnectUs is free, and there are no ads or data collection, how does JustConnectUs plan on making money? There's got to be a catch…

The basic plan will always remain free. That covers posting your Profile, searches, giving and receiving referrals, and posting on the Job Board.

In the future we look forward to launching a premium service for business-to-business use.

Q. Will JustConnectUs stay free?

Yes. Posting your Profile, searching for skills, and requesting and giving referrals will always remain free at www.justconnectus.com.

Network and Contacts

Q. How can I link to my Facebook page?

On your profile page, under “Contact Info” there is a field where you can post your website, Facebook page, or any other place that shows your service or product.

Q. Does “Import from LinkedIn” import my LinkedIn contacts?

No, “Import from LinkedIn” imports your address, profile summary, current job experience, and your LinkedIn url.

Q. How can I expand my network?

“Add From Personal Contacts” allows you to select contacts from your email account, individually or the whole list.

“Invite Contacts” allows you to enter one email or to paste a list of emails to invite. Great for new friends or clients list that are not part of your personal email contacts.

3rd option is to search for new contacts from existing www.justconnectus.com members.

Q. If I make a JustConnectUs via a referral, do we automatically become contacts?

No, you would have to make a contact request on the ‘Contacts page’.


Q. Do I need to offer skills in order to join JustConnectUs?

No. You can join JustConnectUs with no skills posted in your profile and still be a member available to give referrals and post on the ‘Job Board’.

Q. Why should I list my skills?

Skills are how your community and prospective employers will find you. Skills tell a story about you on JustConnectUs. This is the most important part of how we connect between people who need a certain skill and people providing it. When a user searches for a service or a skill on JustConnectUs, those searches are matched to the skills listed in your profile. Your skills should include everything you can do.

Q. What should skills cover?

Skills should cover everything you do well that you want your community to know about you, including potential employers, clients, or friends. Don't limit yourself to your professional capabilities, include your hobbies and talents: Marketing, programming, volunteering, house painter, dog walking, math tutor, drummer, etc. Have fun filling out your skills!

Q. What if my skill isn't listed?

When entering your skills, type in the full name of your skill you want to add, and hit ‘Add Skill’ button. It will be added to your profile temporarily. After our JustConnectUs team verifies it, we will add it to the JustConnectUs database of skills.


Q. How can I ensure showing up on more search results?

Expand your network by inviting your clients, colleagues, friends, and family to join JustConnectUs. You will only show up in searches in which you have a contact in common with the person searching. Therefore the bigger the network, the more potential referrals you will receive.

Additionally, make sure your profile is fully completed. Skills are most important, because this is how the searches are performed. Location is necessary for the “Local Search” option. Without a location you will not appear in any searches that specify “local only”.

Q. What does “Local Only” mean on the Search page?

If the “Local Only” box is checked the search results are filtered to only show services that are near your location.

You can only use this service if you have provided your location. Only service providers who have listed their location will show up.

Q. Why do some search results say “Say Hello”?

“Say Hello” appears for search results who are already your contacts, no introduction needed. You can request a service of them directly without going via a referral.


Q. How do I ask for a referral?

After you search for the skills you need, you will have an option to send your mutual contact a message asking for a referral about the person you have found with the skills you searched for. When you do so, they receive an in-site message as well as an email asking to make a connection between you and the service provider.

Q. When I'm asked to connect people, what is the difference between Introduce and Recommend?

They indicate how strongly you feel about the referral and how well you know both parties. Recommend indicates a stronger approval. If you know both parties well and think they are a good match, recommend the JustConnectUs. If you don't know one or both of the parties particularly well, then simply introduce.

Q. What if I don't want to approve or accept a referral?

When you open the message click on the No button and or give an optional private Message.

Q. How do I cancel a referral request?

Navigate to the ‘Messages’ section in the toolbar. Under ‘Sent’ you can see all your requests for referrals. Select a message and you will see an option to click remove, cancelling the message.

Q. Can I ask for referrals for an Employer/Client?

Yes. If a potential employer/client contacts you through a search, you can ask your mutual contact for a referral. If the employer/client contacts you through a job post, you will receive an email notification which includes your mutual contact. You can ask them for a referral about the prospective employer/client in a private message.

Fast and Focused

Q. How does JustConnectUs help me focus?

On JustConnectUs, you reach out directly to the people who can provide you with a relevant referral. No more “fishing” on public message boards or in large whatsapp groups and then sifting through irrelevant responses from people who you don't know or trust, or people who don't understand you needs.

You choose who to contact for referrals. If you have two contacts who both know a plumber, you can reach out to the one who is a home owner and not the one rents.

Q. Why does JustConnectUs keep me from wasting time?

Most websites and social media services have an explicit goal of keeping you online for as long as possible. They do this through live feeds, like on facebook or linkedin, or through recommended content, like on youtube or almost any news site. Websites will have pop-ups appear when you reach the end of an article or movie, or when your mouse moves up to the url bar or to close the screen.

JustConnectUs is different. We want you to complete your task as fast possible and get offline. Since we don't run advertisements or gather your information, we have no interest in keeping you on the site for longer. We value your time, and don't profit when you waste it.


Q. What does JustConnectUs do with the information I enter when joining?

We use your information to make connections. We connect you to relevant contacts and job leads based on your skills and location, when people list your skills in either a search or a job post. This is part of our commitment to staying focused while using JustConnectUs.

Q. What will JustConnectUs NOT do with your information?

We will not sell off any information or searches made on JustConnectUs to 3rd parties.

JustConnectUs doesn't have ads, and we don't use your information to track your possible shopping needs.

Once you leave JustConnectUs we will not follow you around the Internet. We are deeply committed to maintaining your privacy.

Q. Will JustConnectUs send me lots of emails?

No, we are not trying to keep you engaged all the time. You use JustConnectUs when you need it.

Q. Why will I be receiving emails from JustConnectUs?

You will receive an email when there is a direct action item that applies to you on the site.

When a friend sends you a request for a referral.

When a friend sends a request to become your contact on JustConnectUs.

When someone replies to your job posts.

When someone posts a job that matches your skills.

Q. Are my searches public?

No. All searchers are private. When you ask a contact for a referral, then only that contact will that see what services or skills you are searching for, nobody else. Additionally, our commitment to your privacy means that we will not show you ads based on your searches, nor will we sell your information to others so that they can target you based on searches you've made on JustConnectUs. If you view a service provider's profile while searching, they will not know that you have viewed it, and they will not be able to target you with advertisements or cold calls. If you look at five different dentist profiles trying to find who would be the best match, you don't want to start getting emails and advertisement from all of their offices after you've already made your choice. Our commitment to your privacy is absolute.

Q. Can the Service see my conversation with my Contact?

No, your chat with your contact is private. Only the two of you can see it.

Job Post

Q. What is the difference between Search and Job Post?

Unlike searches, Job Post is public. Everyone in your network (your contacts and your contact's contacts) with the skills needed for the posted job will receive an email and in-site message notification about the job. The job will appear for them under the “jobs” section of the site.

Job Post allows you to enter a title and description of the job.

Even when posting a job, it still goes through a referral. The service providers with the relevant skills see who your mutual contact is, and ask them to connect you. If you want the service providers to be able to contact you directly, you can include your contact information in the job description.

Q. Why would I use Job Post instead of a search?

Job post can provide faster results for urgent situations. For example, if your electricity goes out and you need an electrician urgently, you can make a Job Post in which you put your contact info into the job description. Then all electricians in your Network receive an email and they can contact you immediately to get it fixed that day.

Alternatively, if you want qualified people to send you their CVs for review before looking for referrals, Job Post is better suited to your needs.

Q. What does Job notification look like?

When someone in your network posts a job for a skill that you have, you will get an email notification. It includes the job title, job description, skills needed, who posted it and what mutual connections link you to the person or company that posted the job.

Q. What is the “Jobs” button on the toolbar?

This is where you can find the Job Posts that people in your network have posted that match your skill set.