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Let's clean up the junkyard internet and plant the seeds for the internet we want to see grow.

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ShoshanaJenn Lubin

Founder, CMO

Hi, I'm glad you made it to our About Us Page. I'm a mom, wife, I feed the dog on the evening shift and I'm always looking for the good. Just don't ask my kids that one.
I was raised in a family of merchants and entrepreneurs always looking for something good to take to a new place or produce a new product to fill a need. As I grew older my values really came into play when looking for business. Is this product good for the environment, does it cause harm, is it socially unacceptable to too many people? My joke is that my husband can't build me a house but he can build me a website. With that in mind we saw a need and we had the skills available to make a new product.
Like everyone, I've come to spend more and more time on the web. But let's face it - the internet has become a pretty unpleasant place. Data mining, non-stop (and occasionally inappropriate) ads, intrusive marketing, and constant gimmicks meant to keep you online are the norm. Websites are deliberately manipulative or misleading, and someone is always making money off your wasted time. But the internet is an organic platform. If we spend our time online accessing high quality content and services, we fertilize the seeds of a better internet.
I was raised to see a problem as a potential for growth. The internet needs fixing, and my husband and I have the skills to fix it. Our goal is to turn the internet into a tool-based platform: Pick up the tool, do the job, put it down.
Our first tool is JustConnectUs, a fast, focused and private referral service made for real people. I want to be able to ask a friend for personalized referral for a plumber, acupuncturist, or vacation getaway, without announcing it on a public forum. JustConnectUs lets me do that.
Okay this is supposed to be about me not about JustConnectUs.com, but I am excited about our new product, which fits in so well with both my business side and my values. I am excited about working with my husband in a new and closer way then ever before, and proud to show our kids that values and business can go together. My husband and I believe that the internet should be safer, more efficient, and more relevant for us - the users. JustConnectUs is a step in that direction. We are excited to be working together on something we believe in.

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Haim Lubin

Founder, CEO, CTO

I'm a husband and father of three amazing young women. I spend my time learning, hiking, trying to think up new ideas to become my own boss, and working to make something I can be proud of.
I've spent the last twenty years working in tech, and a lot has changed over that time. Professionally, I've seen how the internet has grown and changed, and the way it has affected our communities and our society.
Raising my kids, I realized I don't want my work to just pay the bills. I want to put my skills into reforming the internet so that it serves people and doesn't prey on them, and to show my daughters that if you can harness your skills to your values you can make a change.
JustConnectUs is my way of doing that.
As life goes on, it became hard to keep track of the changes in my friends' careers. People develop new skills, undergo specialty trainings - I might need a service that a trusted friend could provide and not even know who to ask. As a private person, public posts to Facebook or Whatsapp don't appeal to me, and they are slow and often ineffective too. I needed a tool that could connect me to someone who could give me a direct referral for the service I need, and since I couldn't find anything that did that well, I decided to build it myself.
I have been working online for a long time, and unfortunately I have become aware of all the “blackhat” techniques that people use to drive traffic to their sites and manipulate people to buy their products. I don't trust 99% of what I come across on the web, and I don't like being constantly tracked and targeted by advertisements. I gave up Facebook at the end of last year, tired of their manipulations, and I feel much better now!
JustConnectUs is a step toward a different type of internet, without advertisements, intrusive data collection, or attempts to keep you online. Together with my wife, I am working toward building a tool-based internet in line with our values, for our children, our community and the world.